Lakeside Porches and Good Friends

Five years ago, on the occasion of our friend John’s 90th birthday, my brother-in-law took us to Belhurst Castle (Geneva, NY) for the best Sunday brunch known to man. We sat on the porch overlooking magnificent Seneca Lake and celebrated John’s influence on our lives. On the way home, I got an idea for a series of romances, Lakeside Porches.

Well, today we reprised our Sunday brunch for John’s 95th birthday. In between those joyful occasions, I wrote the four romances that comprise Lakeside Porches. The setting is a fictional city (Tompkins Falls) on one of the Finger Lakes with a fictional but legendary lakeside inn and spa (The Manse), a fictional but troubled college (Tompkins College), and two fictional founding families (the Tompkins and the Cushmans). Today the characters of Lakeside Porches are part of my life and Tompkins Falls is as real to me as the Finger Lakes towns it draws on– Geneva, Canandaigua, and my hometown Seneca Falls.

Happy Birthday!But back to reality: after our feast today, the Belhurst surprised John with this giant piece of chocolate birthday cake studded with mini chips and a side of vanilla ice cream with real whip cream, raspberries, and a drizzle of raspberry sauce. Yup, that picture is the real thing! So are good friends and long conversations on the porch of a lakeside inn in the Finger Lakes. If you haven’t had the pleasure, you might want to plan it for 2017. Or pick up one of the series: Stepping Up to Love, Coming Hope to Love, Finding the Way Back to Love, and Waking Up to Love. Enjoy!

I don’t know Her name.

Yes, there’s a Ghost in Waking Up To Love, but Bridey’s nothing like the Ghost I knew while I was writing the book. I don’t know Her name.

I shared an office with Her the last four years of my career in higher education. I never learned Her name, but I certainly knew She was there. The story I heard is that She passed away not long before plans were drawn up for my office.

chairBefore that, She had spent hours reading by the triple window. Following Her death, someone’s drawing of Her chair hung in Her corner until construction began. The drawing, now in busy hallway, shows a comfy blue-flowered armchair in a sunny space. I can see why She loved it there! The office I moved into, as its first occupant, is said to be the prettiest office on campus—morning sun, pin oaks outside filled with songbirds, even robins that stay the winter.

But what a price to erect that office! Walls were built and painted. Pricey technology filled the space. A file cabinet squashed the carpet where her chair had been. Her sacred spot was violated.

That may explain why my brand new computer could not properly connect through the Ethernet port, despite repeated attempts by smart electricians and computer repair technicians. And why I never put anything but tea and mugs in the file cabinet in Her corner. She’s a sly one, that Ghost.

I could get carried away and blame Her for all the daydreaming I did in that office! Oh, and all the scenes for the Lakeside Porches books I wrote on my lunch breaks! But, you know, after I retired, the office stood empty and quiet for more than a year. Eventually, someone was hired into my position and assigned to that office. And that person quit in less than a year.

So the office is quiet again. I wonder what She’s reading today?

(image from Google Images, license “free to use and modify, even commercially)

What reviewers and readers are saying about Waking Up To Love

WakingUpToLove200Early reviews about the newest in the Lakeside Porches series, Waking Up To Love, are so positive! Here’s are some excerpts:

Claire, The Coffeeholic Bookworm: This is a love story that feels good. I liked Lyssa’s story, her struggles with alcoholism and broken heart made her very human to me. Her character was relatable and flawed, but that’s what made her enticing and personable. Kyle, oh, this man was selfless, the kind of man worth introducing to your parents. . . Simply beautiful!

Judy Miracle, Wicked Babes Blog: This is my first Katie O’Boyle novel and I fell in love with the characters. . . I must say after reading all of this book i will be going back and reading books 1-3 to get the rest of the characters stories.

Bailey Ember, Texas Book Nook: I have loved Katie O’Boyle’s writing every since reading her first novel in this series. She brings her characters to life in such a way that the reader becomes invested in them immediately.

Margaret Tidwell, The World As I See It: Waking Up To Love by Katie O’Boyle was a sweet romance novel. . .  If you love romance novels then I know you will love this book as much as I did.

Reader “jfb”: Lyssa and her lover, Kyle, are not your average high school sweethearts. They each have a doctorate and are engaged in very authentic and well-researched university environments. The intrigue in the plot begins and ends in that environment, but the journey is fraught with cunning and danger. (Watch out for Rand, another PhD.) Every loving couple has hurdles to overcome in their development of a trusting and lasting relationship, but O’Boyle puts a completely new and different bent on that growth.

Gifts Galore and a couple of love stories!

Looking for a holiday gift? Come by Artizanns tomorrow, 118 North Main Street in Naples NY. I’ll be signing books between 11 AM and 3 PM in “the kitchen” surrounded by maple products, teas, clocks, jams, and tasty goodies! And of course all the other rooms are packed with jewelry, scarves, original artwork and photography, sculpture, calligraphy and so much more! ( It’s true about the free gift wrapping!!

Quick Update: November 14th Book Signing

  • 11-14-15 Book Signing and Open HouseNovember 14, 10:00 AM to Noonbook signing with Roz Murphy, Beverly Wells, and other local authors outside the Fairport Pharmacy, 122 Fairport Village Landing, Fairport, NY. As you can see from the ad, there’s plenty more happening at the Fairport Village Landing Mall that day! I’m planning to make a big dent in Red Bird Market’s supply of gluten-free no-salt-added soups.

Meet Katie O’Boyle! Book signings and readings

Don’t let the snow stop you from enjoying a good book and meeting its author!

WakingUpToLove200Amazon is going all out for Lakeside Porches, with books 1-3 bundled together ( and book 4 Waking Up To Love available now for pre-sale ( From now through early December, Katie has blog appearances with Lois Winston, Carla Biddle, Kim Lorraine, and Catherine Castle. Watch for information about a Reading Addictions blog tour.

If you live in the Finger Lakes area, Katie would love to meet you at one of these events:

  • Canandaigua Writers Group “Local Writers Read!” October 20 7-8:30 PM, at Wood Library, 134 N. Main Street, Canandaigua. Katie is reading the ghost scene from Waking Up To Love and signing books with fellow authors.
  • November 14 (10:00 AM – Noon), book signing with Roz Murphy, Beverly Wells, and other local authors outside the Fairport Pharmacy, 122 Fairport Village Landing, Fairport, NY.
  • November 21 (11:00 AM – 3:00 PM), book signing at Artizanns, 118 N. Main Street, Naples, NY.

Know another good venue for book signing and reading? Contact Katie though this website or at (at) gmail (dot) com

Do I have a book for you?!

Love chocolate? Love a satisfying romance? Love to laugh? You’re going to love Better than Chocolate, J. Lynn Rowan’s new release from Soul Mate Publishing!

Carmella is baffled that her two best friends Ryan and Sadie have called off their wedding. Worse, Sadie is marrying an older man she’s just met on St. Croix, and she wants her bff to drop everything and be Maid of Honor. Carmella would never turn her back on a friend, but… seriously?

Carmella agrees. Every leg of the journey and turn of events brings with it welcome and not-so-welcome truths. And the whole truth is amazing!

This is must read! Set to release September 2, Better than Chocolate is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Summer – Making the scene

Clifton_Springs_Spa_ApartmentsA few of us local authors made the scene last Saturday for a book signing at the Sulphur Springs Festival in nearby Clifton Springs. Beverly Wells (historical romance), John Avanzato (medical thriller), Roz Murphy (humorous, romantic fiction– The Bob Books) and I enjoyed a street-side tent across from the imposing Spa Apartments. I only sold a few (thanks, Cheryl, DeDee, and all who stopped by!) but the chance to meet fellow Finger Lakers, listen to the great band, and soak up the atmosphere of a hometown summerfest made for a great afternoon in the sunshine!

My favorite feature of the Sulphur Springs Festival? The soapbox derby event! Eight boys climbed into lovingly made soapbox cars, donned helmets, and steered their vehicles down a sloping street into bales of hay. That’s a brave thing to do! Of course, they were surrounded by loving hands– proud moms, dads and helpers who’d spent hours and days getting the cars ready, bringing in the hay bales, and setting up the course.

Gosh, if only books two and three would hurry into print so I had more to offer… Last I heard, book two will be available in print in July. That leaves a few Finger Lakes festivals for Justin and Gianessa to get into the hands of readers who support local authors.

What are your favorite summer festivals?

What are readers saying?

Finding the Way Back to Love is a sensitively and deftly drawn journey of two people coping with the effects of alcoholism in their lives. Kudos to Ms O’Boyle for her candid yet sympathetic depiction of the disease and the efforts to control it in order for individuals to find a meaningful and productive life.” –Author Margaret Breashears


Welcome to my new website!

FinalistI hope you enjoy my new website! Here you will find information about my current series Lakeside Porches. As you fall in love with the characters of these contemporary, inspirational romances, imagine yourself reading on the lakeside porch of an inn on one of the beautiful Finger Lakes in upstate New York!