Summer – Making the scene

Clifton_Springs_Spa_ApartmentsA few of us local authors made the scene last Saturday for a book signing at the Sulphur Springs Festival in nearby Clifton Springs. Beverly Wells (historical romance), John Avanzato (medical thriller), Roz Murphy (humorous, romantic fiction– The Bob Books) and I enjoyed a street-side tent across from the imposing Spa Apartments. I only sold a few (thanks, Cheryl, DeDee, and all who stopped by!) but the chance to meet fellow Finger Lakers, listen to the great band, and soak up the atmosphere of a hometown summerfest made for a great afternoon in the sunshine!

My favorite feature of the Sulphur Springs Festival? The soapbox derby event! Eight boys climbed into lovingly made soapbox cars, donned helmets, and steered their vehicles down a sloping street into bales of hay. That’s a brave thing to do! Of course, they were surrounded by loving hands– proud moms, dads and helpers who’d spent hours and days getting the cars ready, bringing in the hay bales, and setting up the course.

Gosh, if only books two and three would hurry into print so I had more to offer… Last I heard, book two will be available in print in July. That leaves a few Finger Lakes festivals for Justin and Gianessa to get into the hands of readers who support local authors.

What are your favorite summer festivals?