Lakeside Porches and Good Friends

Five years ago, on the occasion of our friend John’s 90th birthday, my brother-in-law took us to Belhurst Castle (Geneva, NY) for the best Sunday brunch known to man. We sat on the porch overlooking magnificent Seneca Lake and celebrated John’s influence on our lives. On the way home, I got an idea for a series of romances, Lakeside Porches.

Well, today we reprised our Sunday brunch for John’s 95th birthday. In between those joyful occasions, I wrote the four romances that comprise Lakeside Porches. The setting is a fictional city (Tompkins Falls) on one of the Finger Lakes with a fictional but legendary lakeside inn and spa (The Manse), a fictional but troubled college (Tompkins College), and two fictional founding families (the Tompkins and the Cushmans). Today the characters of Lakeside Porches are part of my life and Tompkins Falls is as real to me as the Finger Lakes towns it draws on– Geneva, Canandaigua, and my hometown Seneca Falls.

Happy Birthday!But back to reality: after our feast today, the Belhurst surprised John with this giant piece of chocolate birthday cake studded with mini chips and a side of vanilla ice cream with real whip cream, raspberries, and a drizzle of raspberry sauce. Yup, that picture is the real thing! So are good friends and long conversations on the porch of a lakeside inn in the Finger Lakes. If you haven’t had the pleasure, you might want to plan it for 2017. Or pick up one of the series: Stepping Up to Love, Coming Hope to Love, Finding the Way Back to Love, and Waking Up to Love. Enjoy!

What reviewers and readers are saying about Waking Up To Love

WakingUpToLove200Early reviews about the newest in the Lakeside Porches series, Waking Up To Love, are so positive! Here’s are some excerpts:

Claire, The Coffeeholic Bookworm: This is a love story that feels good. I liked Lyssa’s story, her struggles with alcoholism and broken heart made her very human to me. Her character was relatable and flawed, but that’s what made her enticing and personable. Kyle, oh, this man was selfless, the kind of man worth introducing to your parents. . . Simply beautiful!

Judy Miracle, Wicked Babes Blog: This is my first Katie O’Boyle novel and I fell in love with the characters. . . I must say after reading all of this book i will be going back and reading books 1-3 to get the rest of the characters stories.

Bailey Ember, Texas Book Nook: I have loved Katie O’Boyle’s writing every since reading her first novel in this series. She brings her characters to life in such a way that the reader becomes invested in them immediately.

Margaret Tidwell, The World As I See It: Waking Up To Love by Katie O’Boyle was a sweet romance novel. . .  If you love romance novels then I know you will love this book as much as I did.

Reader “jfb”: Lyssa and her lover, Kyle, are not your average high school sweethearts. They each have a doctorate and are engaged in very authentic and well-researched university environments. The intrigue in the plot begins and ends in that environment, but the journey is fraught with cunning and danger. (Watch out for Rand, another PhD.) Every loving couple has hurdles to overcome in their development of a trusting and lasting relationship, but O’Boyle puts a completely new and different bent on that growth.

Meet Katie O’Boyle! Book signings and readings

Don’t let the snow stop you from enjoying a good book and meeting its author!

WakingUpToLove200Amazon is going all out for Lakeside Porches, with books 1-3 bundled together ( and book 4 Waking Up To Love available now for pre-sale ( From now through early December, Katie has blog appearances with Lois Winston, Carla Biddle, Kim Lorraine, and Catherine Castle. Watch for information about a Reading Addictions blog tour.

If you live in the Finger Lakes area, Katie would love to meet you at one of these events:

  • Canandaigua Writers Group “Local Writers Read!” October 20 7-8:30 PM, at Wood Library, 134 N. Main Street, Canandaigua. Katie is reading the ghost scene from Waking Up To Love and signing books with fellow authors.
  • November 14 (10:00 AM – Noon), book signing with Roz Murphy, Beverly Wells, and other local authors outside the Fairport Pharmacy, 122 Fairport Village Landing, Fairport, NY.
  • November 21 (11:00 AM – 3:00 PM), book signing at Artizanns, 118 N. Main Street, Naples, NY.

Know another good venue for book signing and reading? Contact Katie though this website or at (at) gmail (dot) com