What reviewers and readers are saying about Waking Up To Love

WakingUpToLove200Early reviews about the newest in the Lakeside Porches series, Waking Up To Love, are so positive! Here’s are some excerpts:

Claire, The Coffeeholic Bookworm: This is a love story that feels good. I liked Lyssa’s story, her struggles with alcoholism and broken heart made her very human to me. Her character was relatable and flawed, but that’s what made her enticing and personable. Kyle, oh, this man was selfless, the kind of man worth introducing to your parents. . . Simply beautiful!

Judy Miracle, Wicked Babes Blog: This is my first Katie O’Boyle novel and I fell in love with the characters. . . I must say after reading all of this book i will be going back and reading books 1-3 to get the rest of the characters stories.

Bailey Ember, Texas Book Nook: I have loved Katie O’Boyle’s writing every since reading her first novel in this series. She brings her characters to life in such a way that the reader becomes invested in them immediately.

Margaret Tidwell, The World As I See It: Waking Up To Love by Katie O’Boyle was a sweet romance novel. . .  If you love romance novels then I know you will love this book as much as I did.

Reader “jfb”: Lyssa and her lover, Kyle, are not your average high school sweethearts. They each have a doctorate and are engaged in very authentic and well-researched university environments. The intrigue in the plot begins and ends in that environment, but the journey is fraught with cunning and danger. (Watch out for Rand, another PhD.) Every loving couple has hurdles to overcome in their development of a trusting and lasting relationship, but O’Boyle puts a completely new and different bent on that growth.

Reconciling feedback

I received a wide variety of feedback from the critique session, much of it directly relevant to the edgy inspirational romance books I’m currently writing. Even the non-romance-genre folks in the group had important observations. I was able to do a complete rewrite of the troubled scene as a result of the feedback, and it gave me a better foundation for continuing the book (that is, book two Justin’s Time Out).

While I was rewriting Justin’s Time Out, I also received feedback from the Golden Pen contest I’d entered over the summer with book one (Manda the Brave). The marks were good, I thought, as a new contestant in the field of romance (6, 6, and 7 out of 9, with one recommendation to advance to the next round). Is anyone surprised that some of the feedback from the expert readers was the same as I’d received from the critique group for the troubled scene? :-) The work I did rewriting the troubled scene from book two gave me a good jumping-off-point for a start-to-finish revision of book one. I am making final edits now in preparation for

  1. entering Manda the Brave in the Golden Heart contest in November,
  2. also in November, pitching Manda the Brave to a publisher who will be at a conference run by my writers group. (see Write On! Rochester featuring Write it Forward: Everything the Writer Needs from Craft to Publishing. with Bob Mayer.)

Above all, I’m still having fun with the writing and the characters, setting, etc. I’m very glad I read an article by Claudia Welch in the August 2012 issue of Romance Writers Report (RWA). “Protecting the Girl…”  addresses the stresses and strains that can divert a writer’s energy away from the joy of writing. Being mindful of those distractions has been really helpful!