I don’t know Her name.

Yes, there’s a Ghost in Waking Up To Love, but Bridey’s nothing like the Ghost I knew while I was writing the book. I don’t know Her name.

I shared an office with Her the last four years of my career in higher education. I never learned Her name, but I certainly knew She was there. The story I heard is that She passed away not long before plans were drawn up for my office.

chairBefore that, She had spent hours reading by the triple window. Following Her death, someone’s drawing of Her chair hung in Her corner until construction began. The drawing, now in busy hallway, shows a comfy blue-flowered armchair in a sunny space. I can see why She loved it there! The office I moved into, as its first occupant, is said to be the prettiest office on campus—morning sun, pin oaks outside filled with songbirds, even robins that stay the winter.

But what a price to erect that office! Walls were built and painted. Pricey technology filled the space. A file cabinet squashed the carpet where her chair had been. Her sacred spot was violated.

That may explain why my brand new computer could not properly connect through the Ethernet port, despite repeated attempts by smart electricians and computer repair technicians. And why I never put anything but tea and mugs in the file cabinet in Her corner. She’s a sly one, that Ghost.

I could get carried away and blame Her for all the daydreaming I did in that office! Oh, and all the scenes for the Lakeside Porches books I wrote on my lunch breaks! But, you know, after I retired, the office stood empty and quiet for more than a year. Eventually, someone was hired into my position and assigned to that office. And that person quit in less than a year.

So the office is quiet again. I wonder what She’s reading today?

(image from Google Images, license “free to use and modify, even commercially)

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